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نوسانات در نرخ های ارز بسیار به رویدادهای جهانی بستگی دارند. نوسانات نرخ های ارز و تغییرات در قیمت های دیگر دارائی ها اساساً به رویدادهای سیاسی و اقتصادی کشورها، صنایع و شرکت های چند ملیتی بستگی دارد. اخبار مالی، اقتصادی و سیاسی بطور مستقیم یا غیرمستقیم روی نوسانات قیمتی تاثیر دارند. در نتیجه، زیر نظر داشتن منظم اخبار بین المللی و انتشار گزارش های آماری کلان به معاملات CFD و فارکس کمک می کند.
شما این فرصت را دارید که در هر هفته در بخش ویدئوی ها فارکس مان بررسی مربوط به تمام رویدادهای مهم در جهان، ارتباط شان و نحوۀ تاثیرشان روی بازار ارز را مشاهده نمایید.

در مورد اطلاعات بنیادی و تحلیل تکنیکال روزانه بیشتر بدانید

Global markets crawled higher last week despite lingering uncertainty about US-China trade dispute prospects as President Trump indicated he didn’t have a deadline for imposing additional tariffs on China. The S&P 500 added 0.5% last week while the ICE US dollar index recovered 1.0%.

All six major developed market stock indexes extended gains. Nikkei recorded the biggest advance: it rose 1.1%. All of six major currencies reversed previous week’s dynamics against the US dollar, while the range...


Global equities rebounded last week after Fed chair Powell's comment central bank ‘will act as appropriate to sustain the expansion’ raised hopes Federal Reserve may soon implement rate cuts. President Trump’s decision to suspend imposition of tariffs on imports from Mexico on Friday also buoyed investors’ risk appetite. The S&P 500 jumped 4.4%...


Global markets retreat deepened last week as President Trump’s surprise decision to impose tariffs on imports from Mexico added to global trade slowing concerns with no prospect of US-China dispute resolution. The S&P 500 loss more than doubled to 2.6% last week while the ICE US dollar index turned 0.2% higher.

Losses of five out of six major developed...


Risk-off trading in global equity markets dominated last week with hopes of US -China trade dispute resolution in near term fading despite President Trump’s words that lifting the ban on Huawei may be a part of overall trade deal with China. The S&P 500 deepened losses 1.2% and the ICE US dollar index turned 0.4% lower last week.

FTSE 100 joined...


Retreat in global equity markets persisted after China imposed retaliatory tariffs on $60 billion worth of imports from US last week. And harsh rhetoric of Beijing after negotiations ended with no date set for continuing trade talks with US cast a pall on prospects of US -China trade deal. The S&P 500 extended losses 0.8% while the ICE US dollar index...